Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you hug or pet your dog today?

I still think about Aries. He was a laid-back dog who kept to himself and didn't bother any of my sister's cats. He also had amusing habits, such as entering a doorway by walking backwards. And he was a great dog to walk with. Oh sure, Aries might have taken some extra time to roll around on the grass on his back, but doing so made him feel good, obviously.

At the same time, I feel that I could have appreciated him a bit more, perhaps by petting him more often or taking him on longer walks.

That's the thing about pets that we love. We don't really appreciate them until we lose them. We become aware that losing those loved pets leaves a huge gap in our lives and even more aware that eventually, those pets' lives will end at some point. Instead of waiting for such times, and while our minds are on it, take some time now to appreciate your dog by making some quality time to pet or hug or play with him or her today.

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