Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you hug or pet your dog today?

I still think about Aries. He was a laid-back dog who kept to himself and didn't bother any of my sister's cats. He also had amusing habits, such as entering a doorway by walking backwards. And he was a great dog to walk with. Oh sure, Aries might have taken some extra time to roll around on the grass on his back, but doing so made him feel good, obviously.

At the same time, I feel that I could have appreciated him a bit more, perhaps by petting him more often or taking him on longer walks.

That's the thing about pets that we love. We don't really appreciate them until we lose them. We become aware that losing those loved pets leaves a huge gap in our lives and even more aware that eventually, those pets' lives will end at some point. Instead of waiting for such times, and while our minds are on it, take some time now to appreciate your dog by making some quality time to pet or hug or play with him or her today.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My sister's dog, Aries, is gone

My sister adopted her dog Aries after learning that he was going to be put to sleep, as no one wanted to take him in. He was a fat black dog with a body that looked like a barrel and very laid-back. He got along with my sister's other dog, Chloe, and her two cats. His favorite activity was sleeping on the rug or bed --- and eating.

But he was loved as any other family member. He was easy to take out for walks and had a very good life under my sister's care.

Then about two days ago, my sister sent an email about Aries being sick. He was listless and not feeling well, so my sister took him to the vet. Blood tests had to be taken and other procedures done to determine what Aries' health issue was and my sister sent me timely emails updating news about her dog. This morning, I checked my email and did not see an email update and felt uncomfortable.

My worst fears came to pass when my sister sent me an email this afternoon, saying that the vet said that Aries died last night. I was shocked and upset and just cried. I had loved Aries and walked him quite often. I still have to find out what did him in. The only thing I know is that Aries had a happy, fulfilling life at my sister's house and is now in the afterlife, healthy again and happily playing with other animals. I still miss him though.