Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pet food price extortions

A recent report stated that Americans did not mind pampering their pets during the Recession, spending 15% more on things like expensive pet food, vet care and other items. As I read this, I wondered why none of this came as any surprise.

After all, I've known for the longest time that all pet food is quite expensive. All of those trips to the supermarket, walking past aisles stocked with pet food of practically every variety imaginable, I always used to become just a little annoyed at the high prices that were being extorted from customers for a little bag of dry dog food, for example. Eight dollars for a little bag of dry food??? C'mon now. That little bag contains maybe half the amount of dry food inside;  the rest of that bag is air.

There's no telling when this price extorion insanity will end. I love cats and dogs as much as any pet owner, maybe more so. But to keep coughing up all of that money for air-filled bags and miniscule pet food cans is getting out of hand and seems to be rapidly forcing pet owners to make difficult choices, buy the food and pamper the pet. Or give up the pet.

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