Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th and your dog

It's July 4th again, which means that dog owners have a problem in helping their pets cope with the booms and bangs from outdoor fireworks shows. If you're really fortunate, your town may not feature such a show this year because of budget deficits. Otherwise, it's all gonna happen, unless Mother Nature puts on a show of her own in the way of thunderstorms and the like.

Hopefully, your dog will be able to cope. A good idea is just to bring your dog in the house and sit with him or her in a room that has the fewest windows. Close your windows and screened doors to eliminate more noise. Usually, the noise lasts for about an hour before it subsides and ends for the night, but for a dog that can't stand it and his or her anxious owner, that noise can seem to last for an eternity. You can speak softly to your dog, pet and play with him if that seems appropriate.

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