Monday, June 6, 2011

Walking (from a dog's perspective)

Watching people walk their dogs, I began to wonder if their dogs were really "into" the walk or struggling to keep up with their owners' footsteps. I kept imagining the view ahead from a dog's perspective. First, the owner's shoes, the sidewalk that seems to be coming at you and leaving just as fast, and the grass on either side just a moving blur of green.

If you're all gung-ho into the walk as a dog, you probably take this constantly-changing scenery as a matter of course. But what happens if you're not feeling up to par --- maybe you have a toothache or a bellyache or tired feet or a painful paw? How can you keep up and not hurt even more? How can you make your owner pay attention and take away the pain or ache? Right now, he or she keeps walking, stopping only briefly when you take a quick time out to pee or examine something interesting in the blades of grass. But that's a fleeting moment as your owner again becomes impatient and tugs at the leash, which in turn, tightens your collar a bit, then a lot, as the collar presses into your skin. If your owner only knew......

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