Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rant against certain dog "owners"/litterbugs

Yesterday afternoon, a jeep rolled slowly in front of my house. A woman sitting in the front passenger seat threw her bag on the ground. Seconds later, her male companion got out from the back seat and wiped his baggy shorts with napkins that were probably stolen from McDonald's. The woman took out a brown and white dog, walked it to the back of the jeep as the man repeatedly wiped his shorts with white napkins, then tossed the napkins curbside in front of my house.

The woman took out what appeared to be a mat for the dog to sit on, shook it out, and passed it to the man sitting on the backseat. In another minute or two, they were all back in the jeep and left. Too bad none of them thought of taking their trash with them. My thought was that their dog peed in the car and some of the pee wound up on the man's shorts.

Okay, so accidents will happen. This morning and afternoon, the soiled napkins were blown by passing traffic back on lawns and driveways. I, for one, would not touch those napkins, knowing that they had been used to wipe off dog pee. But I did kick them off my lawn back on the street, cursing the culprits as I worked. What goes around comes around though. I hope that they all find dog crap on their lawns or grass or sidewalks wherever they live. Those are precisely the people who should never own dogs or any other pet for that matter.

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