Saturday, June 4, 2011

More about Patrick

A few posts ago, I wrote about Patrick, the pit bull that was starved and abused and placed in a garbage bag, then left for dead in a city dumpster. Fortunately, Patrick was rescued and treated at a good reputable veterinary hospital and is recovering nicely. His abusive owner is set to stand trial for nearly killing him.

For now, Patrick is staying at the hospital on the judge's ruling that he is evidence for the trial. The dog has also become a celebrity and has meant big business. He's attracted sizeable donations from kind-hearted donors. And only recently, the Associated Humane Society wanted Patrick back, claiming that they were the ones who rescued the dog in the first place. But the judge ruled against them, and I agree.

Every time I hear or think about that poor dog, I begin to cry, not only for Patrick, but for other abused dogs in similar situations. Their owners are complete monsters and should never had had the privilege of caring for a pet. In the meantime, I am planning on increasing my donations to pet charities, hoping that more money will help to save more dogs AND cats.

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