Friday, June 24, 2011

Dog's view of a new toy

With the proliferation of the junk that passes for dog toys, you may do better by using stuff that your dog likes to play with anyway, such as ropes, rawhide or frisbees. A junky toy purchased from a regular or pet store will get your dog's passing attention and that's about it. There went anywhere from four to ten bucks-plus out the window, and for what?

This is probably easier to understand if you put yourself in your dog's place. You're sitting or lying comfortably on the carpet or rug in the living room and suddenly you hear your master walking in. He says something before tossing an object at you. The object is round and colorful and you're not quite sure what to make of it, so you touch it tentatively with a paw. The object moves ever so slightly, then becomes very still. You try to get a whiff of a smell from it, but unfortunately get nothing  So you get up and walk toward the kitchen or bedroom or where your master is sitting. Your master notices you, smiles, says something, then looks around you for something. He or she is going through the same phase, happens every time they present you with a toy and you don't play with it.

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