Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dogs' tolerance of heat in warm weather

I've lost much of my tolerance for hot humid weather and can't stand walking around in it and increase my misery. But dogs may be different in that some of them seem to tolerate warm weather much better than me. I'm not familiar with local breeds of dogs and can only go by what I have seen.

My sister's huskie-mix dog, Chloe, doesn't seem to be uncomfortable in warmer weather. At most, Chloe sheds huge amounts of white fur. Now that she's groomed however, that shedding problem will surely lessen, but not go completely away.Chloe seems willing to go for a walk just about any time of day. On the other hand, poor Aries, my sister's other dog, is more content settling somewhere in the house, preferably on the bed and fall asleep. The only way that Aries will go out is if he needs to pee or poo. Otherwise, he's got to be encouraged to do so. He can't always be given his own way. That's all good and well, but it's too hot for me to do it.

On the whole, I think that the majority of dogs would rather chill indoors than out.

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