Friday, May 27, 2011

You don't have to pay a lot of money to get helpful tips for your dog's care

I just finished reading the book, You Had Me at Woof. It was an account of a dog owner and dogs she had owned, loved and lost. I was looking for some practical tips for taking care of a dog as I read. Usually, in books like these, authors generally share their experiences as what to do and what to avoid in caring for your dog. These tips are especially valuable, since they are based on the owner's experience as a dog owner.

In the aforementioned book, I think I found something like three tips. At least, it was something though.

I admit that not all tips are "silver bullets," since the types of situations and dogs differ. But maybe it's possible to tailor a given tip to your own situation and dog. You get some idea of what to try or mistake to avoid. The price is the time you spend searching, but that price is likely to be far less than expensive books or veterinarian consultations.

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