Monday, May 2, 2011

Providing different, healthier treats for your dog

Dogs, like other animals, including humans, get tired of eating the same old thing, dog food, all of the time. One way of varying your dog's diet is by cooking for him or her. You'll most likely find recipes online or at the library or even at a place like Pet Smart. To use those recipes without all of the hassle, find two or three recipes that may appeal to your dog, check their ingredients, then buy the ingredients you need. Once you get home and begin to follow the recipe of your choice, you'll have all of the necessary ingredients on hand.

Besides treats, consider cooking vegetables for your dog in meat juices. Dollars to donuts, your dog will absolutely, positvely love the meal and eat it with gusto. My sister, for example, makes a sort of vegetable stew for her dogs and feeds it to them every so often. One of her dogs, Chloe, just loves to be fed raw stringbeans, one by one. And she's healthier for it. My dad used to think that Chloe was nuts, but he gradually became used to feeding Chloe raw stringbeans by hand --- and he wound up with a friend for life!

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