Thursday, May 19, 2011

My wish for the woman who nearly killed her dog, Patrick

Sometimes people show how uncivilized they are when they create or play games involving cruelty to dogs. To make matters worse, such people expose innocent children to random mistreatment and reinforce it in electronic games especially.

When kids are exposed like this, they tend to think that such cruel behavior is the norm and treat real dogs in a similar way to get their kicks or amuse themselves. I don't find anything amusing about mistreating or abusing any animal. It's wrong on so many levels!  It's also sickening, such as the time that a woman nearly beat her dog, Patrick, to death, starved him, assumed he was dead, threw his body in a garbage back and threw everything in a dumpster.

Fortunately, someone found Patrick, who was taken to the hospital, treated, and miraculously survived his ordeal! The woman is not going to be punished harshly for animal abuse. I thought that officers considered making her do community service by working/volunteering in an animal shelter. They can't be serious! Letting such a person serve like this is like allowing a fox to guard the henhouse.

What I'd love to see is have the sh-- beat out of her, and her being stuffed in a bag and tossed in a dumpster, just so that she could experience what poor Patrick endured. That's what she truly deserves and who knows, she just might learn from her experience.

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