Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dogs love to have fun

Late yesterday afternoon, my neighbor's little white dog sauntered out of the house and skipped to the corner outside. My neighbor stepped out of the house and stopped to call the dog, but the dog walked a few steps away. So the neighbor stepped on the sidewalk, called the dog, but the dog didn't listen. Apparently tired of that, my neighbor began to walk over to get her dog, but the dog ran around the corner with my neighbor in tow.

A few minutes later, the neighbor returned carrying her dog in her arms. The dog didn't try to get away from her, but let her carry him (or her) up the stairs and back in the house.

I think that the dog was looking to exercise and was only playing. If that were not the case, it would have kept running away. This incident reminded me of the way in which my sister's dog, Chloe, got away from me as I was changing her leash. Only Chloe covered way more ground, running across the street on five big front lawns with me in tow. And I didn't catch her, but saw one of the neighbors and yelled for him to catch her, which he did and held for me and my sister. It was a hot and humid June afternoon too.

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