Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the day that you adopted or bought a dog

Many dog owners remember exactly how they wound up with their present dog or dogs. My sister, for example, drove on an exit when she noticed a dog that seemed to be chasing her car. She stopped in a safer location and checked the dog out. The dog turned out to be very friendly and not worse for the wear. My sister assumed that the dog was lost or had run away from home, so she took it to a shelter and waited. Days later, the shelter confirmed that no one inquired about the dog and my sister adopted it, eventually naming it Cooper. That is one incident that my sister will never forget.

But how about you? What circumstances led you to find a dog that is now your companion and best friend? When did you adopt him or her? Where? Why? How? What appealed to you the most about that dog? Do you remember?

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