Monday, May 23, 2011

Chloe goes to the groomer

On Saturday, my sister had to take her dog, Chloe, for some grooming. Chloe's thick white fur really grew out and when you pet her, you wind up with a handful of white fur. Not only that, but there was fur everywhere --- on the couch, on the floor and on clothes. So a good grooming was absolutely necessary.

Chloe enjoys going for a ride and sitting in the back seat. Her collar and leash are on, but not attached to anything in the car, so the dog is free to sit or nap ---- or even be a pain in the you-know-what. We were pretty close to the groomer's place when Chloe began to get a little antsy. She'd sit up, lean forward until she was touching our necks, heads or hands. This was so distracting! I would have considered having Chloe sit in a crate for my peace of mind as I drove.

But Chloe was calm and probably wanted some attention. Fortunately, the trip to the groomer wasn't that long or bad, considering the traffic volume. And at the groomer's office, two or three staff members greeted Chloe and us and made a big fuss over the dog ---- this made a big hit with Chloe, as she loves to be fussed over, with everyone telling this huskie-mix how beautiful she is, lol!

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