Sunday, May 22, 2011

Captain Marvel's been adopted, but there's this other dog needing a home

My sister didn't get to adopt Captain Marvel, the dog whose nose and ears turned pink as he's being pet. A lovely couple adopted the dog instead and seem to be great owners. Captain Marvel has indeed lucked out and will have a fine home.

But yesterday, we've seen another American bulldog that reminded me of Captain Marvel. The dog was rescued from the tornados down South. She was clean, but looked like she could gain some weight. And according to her foster owner, the dog gets along with cats and is extremely affectionate. The dog would be perfectly content to sit on a lap and give kisses all day if she could.

My sister liked the dog very much and is seriously thinking of adopting her. This time, I hope that no one else beats her to it, although I have my doubts. My sister is going away for the Memorial holiday and wouldn't be available to provide the dog with a lot of attention. So we'll see.

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