Monday, April 25, 2011

When it comes to training, a dog is definitely easier to train than a cat

I was at Borders yesterday, perusing books on animal care and training and happened to pick up a book whose subject was training cats in ten minutes. Can you believe that?

After all, a cat is not a dog, but that book's methods reminded me of some of the steps involved in training a dog. I think that dogs are a little easier to train. For the most part, they will cooperate, maybe a bit slowly, but with good results ultimately. A cat, for the most part, definitely will not cooperate. It will do the things it wants when and how it wants. A dog is a tad more cooperative.

Once the dog is acclimated, it's fine and shows its love for its owner. Just yesterday, for example, my sister's husky mix, Chloe, licked her face a few times before settling down. Now do you think for one minute that a cat will do the same or similar thing?  Of course not!  Ok, I know that there are rare instances where a cat may do all of that. Its personality allows it to.

Don't get me wrong though. I like cats and dogs, but given the choice of training either one, I would opt for training a dog in a New York minute.....and get results.

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