Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to let the dog out!

I love the way in which dogs let you know that they want to go out or come back in the house. Watching my sister's dogs, I noticed first-hand what her dogs do.

Her really active huskie mix, Chloe, becomes restless and just seems to bounce around the house and runs to the door. Actually, what Chloe wants to do is go for a walk, but that's not possible right now. A meal or movie may be in progress and it's just not the right time. Maybe in a few minutes, but sure as heck, not right now. So what happens is that my sister will open the back door leading to the deck and allow Chloe to run around in the back yard for a little while. Doing this keeps the dog out of trouble and gives the dog something to do.

Now the other dog, Aries, is much more laid-back. What he'll do is calmly walk to the door and just kind of hang out. Patiently. Just trying to let everyone know in his own quiet way that he needs to pee and/or poo. He knows that sooner or later, someone will take notice, and open the door and walk outside with him on the front lawn or simply open the backdoor leading to the deck and backyard and allow Aries to go out and do his thing.

Some dogs are going to be more aggressive, some less. But they do get the point across. It's a matter of being closely observant and acting accordingly.

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