Sunday, April 3, 2011

test potential dog owners?

Owning any pet, but especially a dog, usually involves a lot of soul searching. Why do you want to own a pet in the first place?  After all, you are making a commitment of time and money caring for that animal. More importantly, that animal isn't and shouldn't be regarded as a plush toy. It is a living being and needs love and care. If it is a dog, it needs to be walked and exercised, then sheltered in a good home.

I say this because a lot of people only consider a dog's looks and/or breed and tend to ignore caring and commitment issues. A smaller dog still requires as much care as a larger-sized dog and then some. Every aspect needs consideration. Take, for example, a neighbor who owns three rather large dogs and walks them only when it suits her, which is infrequently at best. But she still views them as her pets and takes them and the companionship they provide for granted. If her dogs' behavior changes, that neighbor will blame them first instead of herself. Her dogs are probably smarter than she is.

She and other assuming dog owners take for granted their pets' unconditional love and see their pets as things or objects. They are the very people who should not own dogs. Their ownership qualities are a sham. They and other potential dog owners probably need to take a test or something that will document their willingness to adopt and care for a dog. Otherwise, their non-concern will imperil dogs' lives and the lives of others.

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