Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading dogs

Well, not exactly dogs that actually read. But more like dogs that help children who are shy or who need help in reading to read. In Ohio, these therapy dogs are being used in one elementary school to do just that! A child selects a book to "read" to the dog, then cuddles next or sits in front of the dog and reads the book. And interestingly, that child's shyness problem or reading issue gradually improves.

I would have loved that sort of thing as a grade school child, as I was very shy and was almost left back simply because I could not speak in class in front of classmates. As a result, my teachers must have assumed that I was stupid and had been more than willing to leave me back. Too bad that therapy dogs weren't available then!

I even think that I would have wound up with a dog of my own, once my parents noticed that I really liked dogs.

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