Saturday, April 9, 2011

Miracle dog

An emaciated pit bull who was lying on the bottom of a trash heap, had been abused by his owner and was close to death. But the poor dog was discovered and nursed back to health. His recovery was miraculous, as no one, not even the veterinarians involved in his care, expected him to survive AND thrive.

To look at him today, you would never think that the dog had gone through such torture.

Fortunately, his owner was found and charged with animal abuse. When I heard this, I immediately thought that the owner should have been treated the same way that he treated his dog. That is, he should have been starved and smacked around.

Unfortunately, a lot of potential dog owners are not what they want everyone to believe they are. Once these low-down, worthless scum are given the privilege of caring for a dog, they abuse it by mistreating the dog. The most frustrating thing is that the mistreatment isn't obvious until it's almost too late, with the dog dying or already dead.

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