Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going beyond just advertising a lost dog

You pay attention to your dog's whereabouts ---- always. But deep down inside, you know that the possibility of your dog wandering away or getting stolen or injured exists. This is especially true if you allow your dog to freely wander around on your lawn or backyard.

When you must advertise a lost dog, a colored photo of the dog is very effective. You never know if someone has indeed seen your dog and would happen to recognize that dog's photo on your poster. You should mention your dog's name and your phone number on the poster also.

Too many times, owners of lost dogs merely post a gazillion posters in the vicinity and tend to leave things alone for awhile, hoping that a call will happen soon. Unfortunately, it won't likely, now or ever.

Your best bet is to tour the local shelters to look for your dog, because there's a good chance that your pet wound up there not so long ago and is languishing in a cage somewhere. And even more important, you must visit those shelters right away because most of those places are "kill shelters" and don't hold on to lost pets very long. This is the best favor that you can do for your dog and yourself.

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