Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finding someone to dog sit can be a hassle

If you must leave your dog at home for a few days or weeks at a time, do you miss him or her?  And don't you feel tempted to bring your dog with you sometimes?

It isn't easy, especially if you can't find a volunteer to walk and'or feed the dog for the time that you'll be away. A lot of people who might be good volunteers may be employed full time or live too far away or are too young or too old or have health issues that prevent them from being with your dog temporarily. Of course, you can go the pay route, which may involve hiring an experienced person who knows and likes dogs or even taking your dog to a kennel for the time being.

In any case, doing any of these things can be quite a hassle. If you'll have to be away from home frequently, you may want to think twice before adopting a dog.

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