Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coming soon --- Captain Marvel's soon to be Excellent Adventure!

A few posts ago, I wrote about this American Bulldog that I had seen and petted at PetSmart. He was the friendliest dog ever and whose ears and face turned pink when he was being pet up. The dog's name, which I didn't mention, is Captain Marvel.

The coolest thing is that Captain Marvel may just have a new home pretty soon ---- and the person who is probably going to adopt him is my sister! She told me how she was strongly considering adopting the dog. I hope that she can because she's really good with dogs and experienced in caring for them. In addition, she wound up liking Captain Marvel a LOT and is not going to rename him. In my post about this dog, I even said that I strongly considered adopting him, but I've already got four indoor cats and the stray cat outside.

I really love Captain Marvel and know that he will be a great dog!  Hope that my sister can adopt him.

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