Friday, March 4, 2011

when a dog is hyper or spirited

I'm referring to puppies and adult dogs who either have the potential to get hyper or are hyper (should I say "spirited?"). Hitting them should never be an option. Same thing goes for yelling at them. When my dad used to walk my sister's dog, Chloe, a husky mix, Chloe was and is rather spirited and often had other ideas as to which direction she ought to walk. Naturally, she pulled at her leash and nearly succeeded in dragging my dad along.

But my dad wasn't having any of it. He swore loudly at her to just walk, damn it. Chloe probably understood, but also thought that it might be more fun to be contrary and she took her sweet time in complying. And my dad calmed down seconds later. The bond between him and Chloe was already in place and the dog really did like him, no matter how much he yelled at her.

Much to his credit, my dad still exercised a lot of patience with Chloe and it all paid off in the end. The dog became his closest companion and never left his side when my dad suffered, and eventually passed away, from lung cancer.

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