Saturday, March 5, 2011

what to do about a neighbor's dog that just can't stop barking

I spoke about a particular dog that barked at everyone who walked past. And even long after a pedestrian walked past that barking dog, the dog kept right on barking loudly. Today, I got a better look at the dog as it barked at me. It's some kind of German Shepherd mix, a huge vicious-looking beast out of a nightmare scenario.

I feel for the beast's neighbors who lived right next door and how the windows of their house face the dog's owners' backyard and how difficult it must be to tolerate all of that noise at various times during the day.

In that case, complaining to the dog's owners probably won't help, if anything, it will make a bad situation worse. Neighbors can be pretty spiteful, especially if they happen to be stupid. You would think that those owners would be uncomfortable about having their dog barking all of the time and try doing something about it----like taking their dog to the vet and getting it checked out for possible health issues.

Not about to happen. Maybe the dog owners are waiting for the dog's life to run its course and the dog dtopping dead at some point. That's the way it looks.

And I feel for the neighbors, who probably stay home over the weekend, and are captive listeners to that dog barking loudly all of the time. Had I been in their place, I would have seriously considered moving out and already have been out of there a long time ago. Never mind selling the house because no one is about to buy it anyway, given the high ridiculous property taxes. Nah, I would have simple given the house away to a charity and reap the tax benefits, anything to get away from a dog that never seems to stop barking.

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