Saturday, March 12, 2011

what if you still don't know what kind of dog to own?

The next best option to actually owning a dog is caring for someone else's. You can "dog sit" or walk dogs or even work in a kennel. You get to know various dogs and their behavior and needs. You wind up having a good idea of the kind of dog you'd like to own someday.

All of this can be used to supplement research on dogs and may even beat research in the long run. Of course, it may involve a lot more time than you think, but will at the same time increase your own knowledge about the type of dog you'd love to own.

This is not to say that personalities for any given breed of dog will always be clear-cut and should be accepted as a given. For example, consider pit bulls. A lot depends on their owner(s) and it's possible to find a pit bull that is loving and well-behaved. Picking a dog to own is just like everything else. Investing time to learn more is well worth the effort.

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