Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks to volunteers who help dogs

The dogs featured on hard-cover book jackets are the type of dogs I'd love to own. Their sad brown eyes, well-groomed fur, and overall appearance seemed to beckon me, making me want to reach out and pet them and sympathize. I feel most sorry for dogs serving the military in places in war zones around the globe. It would be nicer if dogs didn't have to be put in harm's way and suffer as much or even more so than their human handlers and companions. My sympathy and heart go out to dogs who are left to cope by themselves in natural and man-made disasters. It's tough out there dealing with floods, mudslides and hurricanes alone, with no familiar human or available food and water.

At the same time, I read accounts of people saving dogs and other household pets, taking them in, caring for them, or volunteering in shelters for those animals despite conditions outside. Thanks to those human saviors, dogs' lives are improved and small comforts become available once more.

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