Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Riding with a dog in the car

For some reason, a lot of dogs love to go for a ride in a car. I've seen this happen time and again when my sister's dog, Aries, heads for my car as I'm opening the door on the driver's side. Now I'm not saying that I've had the experience or pleasure of having a dog accompanying me as I drive. If I ever did that, I'd worry about the dog remaining securely in his or her seat as I drove. There are quite enough distractions on the road as it is, lol!

Which by the way brings me to the issue of being a new dog owner and needing to transport my dog in my car. Of course, I would first assure myself that the dog would enjoy this experience and not likely running around while the car was in motion.

I think that I would be inclined to place my dog, if he or she was small, in a carrier first and then secure that carrier to the car's back seat with a seat belt. After a few minutes, the dog would hopefully settle down quietly. But I think for that to happen, I would train my dog to become used to riding in a car for longer periods of time.

Certainly, my dad never used to have a problem having Princess, a large dog, riding in the passenger seat next to him as he drove. Princess was very well-mannered. She would jump on the passenger seat and remain seated. Mostly, she would stare straight ahead, but occasionally look through the window quietly. She never barked or caused a ruckus of any kind.

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