Monday, March 7, 2011

Neighbor's little dog knows just what to do

So this morning, my neighbor, who owns a little white terrier, opened her front door and let the dog outside. The dog ran down the steps and relieved himself or herself on the little strip of lawn in front of the neighbor's house. It looked back at the neighbor, who seemed to call it back to her, ran the opposite way a few steps, then ran back to her.

Then the neighbor walked to her car and opened its door. I thought that she was going to go out and take the dog out with her for a ride. But that didn't happen. The amazing part was that her dog didn't run across the street or in the car. The little companion simply stayed on the sidewalk, waiting for the neighbor to finish what she had to do. That dog was well trained. It never barked or gave the neighbor a hard time.

That was all such a cute sight to see. The bond between my neighbor and her dog was clearly in place!

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