Thursday, March 17, 2011

minding the dog that's home alone

My sister makes sure that she provides for her dogs when she has to be out of the house. If she's only going to be out for awhile, she keeps them in the house. I would do the same thing. Unsupervised dogs wandering the streets could come to harm and/or harm others. As a pedestrian, I try to avoid any dog that is wandering around without its owner nearby, and even if that owner is nearby and says, "He won't hurt ya!" bothers me. I keep thinking, well, suppose the dog does do something, such as bite me?

The story is a little different if my sister knows that she's going to be out even longer. She knows that her dogs tend to sleep on her bed or sofa during the day. But what happens when they're up and about and ready to go? In that case, she arranges for a trusted friend to stop by and keep the dogs company for a little while. Cats too. That friend likes dogs and cats, so sitting with them for awhile isn't a big problem. It is easier for the owner to know that her dogs are being taken care of and even walked as necessary.

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