Friday, March 18, 2011

the main attraction of dogs

I think that I know why many people prefer dogs over cats.

Dogs tend to be more responsive. You call them and they respond. Of course, not all dogs respond quickly;  a few dogs like my sister's Aries takes his sweet time, but he does show up. On the other hand, cats are different. For the most part, they don't respond, especially if they're napping or are otherwise engaged. Their ears may perk up, but that doesn't mean much. It often takes a LOT before a cat comes to you, usually because it is hungrry.

A lot of people consider cats aloof and less friendly. A few dogs happen to be the same way and must be trained, which brings me to the next point. Dogs are probably easier to train than cats. They seem closer to their human owners than cats do. Dogs seem to enjoy being babied, but cats tend to become annoyed and react negatively to excessive attention.

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