Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is there such a thing as spoiling a dog?

I know that dogs' behavior varies for many reasons, but that all seems to change when those dogs find out that their owner says a certain word or does a certain thing like opening the fridge that means only one thing: TREATS!

Yep, then all hell breaks lose, as the dog or dogs come running to the kitchen or wherever they converge to get their treats. The dogs look up expectantly waiting for their treats and even whine a bit until that treat is forthcoming. Then once the treats are distributed and eaten, the dogs settle down and all is quiet on the western front. They sleep or sit and relax until it is time for that walk or eat dinner.

At first glance,  it seems that these dogs are trained. But I think that it is more like they are spoiled. Not acclimated. Not programmed. Spoiled, lol!

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