Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get a St. Bernard? Why not?

The other night, I was talking to my sister over the phone and thought that I would shock her a little. I mentioned that if I could get a dog right away, it just might be a St. Bernard!  She wasn't shocked, much to my surprise. She said that St. Bernard puppies are cute, and I believed her. They are!

Needless to say, my cats would not appreciate any dogs. But that's ok. All my cats need is a little time to get used to a lovable mutt like a St. Bernard. Now I don't know if those dogs would eventually coexist peacefully with the cats, though I'll be able to know more after researching the matter.

I should be able to bring things off in due time. I love animals and have had experience being around dogs, such as my dad's dog, Princess, and my sister's two dogs, Aries and Chloe.

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