Sunday, March 13, 2011

Evidence that more dog owners are being responsible

Not that long ago, very few people bothered to clean up after their dog outside. As a dog soiled an area of sidewalk or lawn, his or her owner tended to look the other way, then walk along with the dog as if nothing ever happened. The annoying part was that an unwitting child or adult would sometimes step on the stuff, then have a devil of a time cleaning up his or her shoe(s).

Nowadays, it seems like nearly every dog owner I've seen in the neighborhood carries a plastic bag or a pooper-scooper as he or she walks the dog----and uses it! Fortunately, carrying either item as you walk the dog seems to be fairly routine. More dog owners are finally becoming more responsible, always a good thing.

I was thinking that perhaps fines on irresponsible owners might have done the trick. The fines aren't posted on street signs, but that's okay. There are signs posted, though, warning dog owners to clean up after their dog --- or else. How much simpler does it have to get? All I can say that it's about time!

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