Monday, March 28, 2011

the difficulty (or ease) in training a dog actor

So I watched "Due Date," a movie I got from Netflix today. In addition to human actors, the movie featured what appeared to be a very obedient chihuahua. This dog seemed to enjoy being fed by hand, sitting quietly in the back seat of a car, on the sidewalk, and even masturbating with its master. When its master told it to stop doing that, the dog stopped. Amazing!

The dog's facial expressions were also interesting and funny to watch. Its expressions revealed amusement and shock very well.

Since I've not had dog training experience, I can only imagine that training that chihuahua must have taken a fair amount of time to accomplish and wondered what the criteria was for dog actors anyway. Did the dog, for example, have to possess a certain personality?  What mistakes or bloops did it make in rehearsals and when? Overall, I would imagine that regardless, training a dog to act is probably a lot easier than training a child to obey. I could be wrong though.

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