Sunday, March 6, 2011

After a short time, your dog just gets to know you

It's true. Your dog can practically tell when you're returning home, when you're planning to feed him or her, and going out for a walk or a drive. When I still lived at home, my dad put on his hat after supper, saying he'd be back in an hour or two. Instantly, his dog, Princess, would appear and start sniffing at his hands. She anticipated that he'd be picking up the leash and taking her out for a walk. And usually, she was right.

Dogs, after living with you for awhile, can practically understand what you're saying, such as the word, "walk." That word holds special significance for a dog that "knows" he or she will be going out for one shortly. I don't know how dogs do it. Do they go by the sounds of words? Gestures of their owners? Who knows? But it's an amazing thing to witness as well as be a part of.

The point here is that your dog just knows.

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