Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When in doubt, use your own veterinarian

There was a story this morning about a police dog that was shot while on duty. The bullet lodged itself somewhere between the dog's skin and ribs. Nothing really serious and the dog survived, happily. But he will need surgery to get that bullet out sometime soon.

According to the story, the initial examination at a general veterinary hospital was something like 9 thousand dollars!!! Nothing was done other than the exam. Nothing was given.

This kind of thing is just outrageous and unfair. But thankfully, other vets and animal hospitals called in, stating that they wouldn't charge anything to treat a service dog, especially an outrageous sum of money.

I can imagine what happens when a dog owner uses one of those general veterinary hospitals instead of his or her own vet. That dog owner can expect to pay a fortune in fees and yet the animal's recovery can't be guaranteed. It's even possible to wind up with a misdiagnosis.

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