Friday, February 18, 2011

the toy "guard" dog

My now-deceased aunt always lived alone in a relatively safe, quiet neighborhood. She always remembered to lock her doors when she was leaving the house and of course, remembered to lock them when she was inside. She took other precautions that kept her safe throughout her life.

And yes, she did own a little dog, Skippy, for a few years. But as always happens, dogs age and finally die. So when Skippy died, my aunt didn't adopt any more pets, cats or dogs. My dad knew this and understood that my aunt, because of her age, knew that she couldn't take care of any more animals.

So my dad did the next best thing and bought her a rather large stuffed toy dog. My aunt propped the toy dog close to the window, giving the impression that her house was protected by a guard dog. From the street, that stuffed dog looked like a real dog and I suppose, fooled anyone who happened to be passing by. That strategy must have worked because no one ever tried to get in, thanks to that stuffed guard dog and neighbors who knew her situation and were there when she needed help.

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