Tuesday, February 8, 2011

should your dog wear boots in ice and snow?

At last, only a few more weeks of winter are left and hopefully, no more snow or sleet. Walking in that stuff is tough enough for us, in spite of our protective foot gear. But for dogs of all sizes, it's probably tougher. Little chunks of ice and salt can easily become trapped in their foot pads during a walk. So it's important to check your dog's feet after a walk and even wipe them off with a damp towel or paper towel. Pay extra attention to the dog's paws and gently wipe away traces of salt and remove those bits of ice.

I understand that there are little booties for dogs!  The sight of a dog wearing booties may be amusing and reason to smile, but maybe it's the best protection for your dog's feet as you'll ever find. Not having experience with this, I would, if I had a dog, take him or her to one of the major pet stores and get a sales associate to help me select and even place the booties on the dog's feet. Maybe I'm wrong, but already I'm thinking that doing this is very much like putting boots on a child's feet. It's work and involves some aggravation, but in the end, your dog is more comfortable and your walk with him or her is more enjoyable.

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