Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Older people who own dogs have problems too

My now-deceased aunt had to be somewhere in her late sixties when she was left to care for Skippy, a little terrier that her brother bought for her mother. Skippy wasn't a large dog by any means, nor was he really hyper. Basically, he had a rather loud shrill bark. Even more important, Skippy was also aging.

My aunt took good care of him while she could. She babied him and gave him a lot of attention. I thought that caring for a little dog would be good for her also, giving her something to care for and have as company. For awhile, that was the case and the two of them had a good life together. At times, Skippy would resist being bathed, though I don't know what exactly went on.

The point here, however, is that while having a dog as a pet can be a healthy situation for the dog and its old owner, it can still present problems in shopping, buying dog food, cleaning up after the dog, walking it, and taking it to the vet. If an elderly person has a hard time managing those chores, maybe he or she can get some assistance.

Right now, I'm doing some research on this very problem and will share it in the next few posts.

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