Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amusing dogs indoors --- can you count the ways?

With the prolonged cold, snowy, icy weather conditions, sometimes it's better not to bother walking the dog outside, period, though it can be done. This morning, for instance, I've seen one or two people walking their dogs on icy sidewalks as the rain came down. Those people have a lot more nerve and courage than I do.

But anyway, the question soon becomes, what can you do to amuse a dog while you are indoors all day? Well, you can probably play with him or her. Now's a good time to bring out that toy that you've put away for a long time and let your dog play with it. You can also, as one commenter on suggested, teach your dog tricks. Hey, I'm not that ambitious, and being a new owner, I'm not that sure that I could do so very well.....although as I've said before, it can be done.

My sister's dogs tend to sleep on the bed or sit on a table near the window. Sometimes they play with each other. During the day at some point, my sister will let her dogs out in the backyard to get some exercise and a chance to pee or poo outside. Her dog Chloe loves the snow anyway, so at least for that husky mix, snow is not a big problem.

But I gotta admit that I'm short of ideas, other than the ones included here. You can always hope that your dog will just sleep somewhere in the house and not worry or expect to be amused.

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