Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adopt a senior dog? Why not?

I've been reading a book called, The 50+ Dog Owner by Mary Jane Checchi (TEH Publications, 2010) and thinking about some of the things this author mentions in her book.

Like opting to adopt a senior dog. Undoubtedly, a senior dog would not tug on his or her leash, but would need to exercise regularly in reasonable weather, not too hot, not too cold. That dog might even need some kind of sweater in cold weather, but even providing such a sweater should not be a big deal.

Other issues include greater potential for diseases as arthritis and kidney problems. And all too true, fewer years of remaining life. Hey, no one and no animal lives forever. And to the contrary, a senior dog could likely outlive quite a few of its counterparts. So there.

The more I think about the possibility of adopting a senior dog as a pet, the better I like it. I'm not so young myself nor am I crazy about having to go out in inclement weather. I also tend to be laid-back and hope that my senior dog would be laid-back also.

The question is what kind of dog. I know that I would adopt such a dog from a shelter.

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