Saturday, January 1, 2011

your own personal dog calendar ---- how to make one

A quick and easy project is to personalize your large calendar with a photo of your dog involved in an activity, such as sitting up holding a bone. Or sleeping. Or playing with a toy. One activity per month, if you're just interested in featuring your own dog. Each month's dog photo will be slightly different. Each month's dog photo will give you a reason to smile or laugh. The photo doesn't have to be perfect or professional, but should be large enough to be seen from a short distance, as from one room to another.

You can, of course, just buy a calendar featuring other dogs, but that isn't as personal or interesting as your own dog's photo each month. Of course, each month doesn't always have to feature your dog. Maybe it could include a photo of your friend's dog or a family member's dog. You'll have a calendar that you can treasure from now to the last day of December.

Happy New Year!

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