Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Winterize" your dog!

Hopefully, dog owners walking their dogs in the cold winter weather will want to consider some precautions to help their pets to stay comfortable and enjoy that walk!

- Examine your dog's paws for bits of salt, pebbles and other debris that may be picked up during the walk and gently clean by wiping with wet cloth or towel.

- If you have a small dog, you may indeed want to consider having your dog wear a sweater. Small dogs tend to be more sensitive to the cold, which leaves them more exposed to colds and viruses. Keep them warm when you take them out!

- Beware of extremely low temperatures if you own a dog whose fur is rather short and/or sparse. Shorter walks are recommended, and a sweater wouldn't be such a bad idea.

To you dog's comfort........

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