Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walking Aries

While walking my sister's dogs, I always wondered what the dog feels when he wants to walk in one direction and feels the pressure of the collar against his neck. Does it serve as a reminder for him not to venture out too far, especially in the street?  Is the pressure of it painful?  I've never seen or heard him react or bark and naturally assume that he's used to it and doesn't really mind. In other words, he "accepts" it.

Of course, I would prefer the dog to walk alongside me like the previous dog, Roxie, used to do. Roxie rarely ventured on a different path. She liked to stop occasionally to sniff the grass, but that was generally all. On the other hand, the present dog, Aries, would much rather take his sweet time by spending much of it rolling on his back and wriggling himself on the lawn, before finally sitting up and still for what feels like forever. Then when he's good and ready, he'll move along until he finds another distraction.

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