Friday, January 28, 2011

special rewards for dogs who are extra good

At some point, a dog pleases so much, whether in learning a trick or like my sister's now-deceased dog Cooper is just a great dog all around, the dog should get some kind of special reward or positive feedback. Responses such as "Good dog!" and a pat on the head or a treat or a toy are fine, but which item can be considered really special? That is the question.

You see, it's not only that a dog learned a trick or is just being a real sweetie, it's that the bond between it and its owner has becomes stronger. So naturally, you want to do something really special. Speaking of this, I think that my sister has found that special something for her dogs:  it's a product called Frosty Paws that looks like ice cream --- and her dogs just love it. Chloe, for example, loves to chase it before she begins to lick and eat it. And Aries accepts it nicely in his mouth or near his paws.

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