Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seeing the world from a dog's view

For many of us, including myself, it's easy to take the human/dog relationship for granted ..... especially a view at ground level. For us humans, this means a birds'eye view of the immediate ground, while for dogs, it means that their noses are just a few inches from the ground, especially for smaller dogs.

I suppose, for that reason, things that we don't readily notice and/or take for granted on the ground are precisely what attracts dogs' attention. Amazing how quickly a dog, by smell, can quickly learn if any dogs walked a similar distance and left any "calling cards" in the way of scent or pee or poo there. Dogs also pick up the scent of grass and other plants, other animals such as cats or squirrels, and people. They are quickly attracted to anything that moves or seems like it's going to move.....whereas we humans miss it all. Maybe it's a good thing that we do, given all of the distracttons that we deal with on a routine basis.

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