Monday, January 10, 2011

Owner's biggest (?) challenge - helping his/her dog lose weight

The obvious way to deal with a dog that is perceived to be overweight is by exercising it more and feeding it less. At the very least, doing that should produce results, namely, that the dog in question will indeed have lost a few pounds over a short period.

But suppose that the dog in question doesn't get slimmer, no matter what you do?

Well, as my sister's experience with slimming her dog, Aries, down, a visit to the vet is probably in order. Sometimes a pet has a medical condition that is a part of its weight problem that requires medication. The medication, along with a modified diet, should help.

But the biggest problem for the owner, as I can see, is the prospect of keeping the dog away from goodies intended for another dog. It isn't always possible to catch the overweight dog stealing treats from another dog. And you can't always keep one dog locked up in a room all the time. Usually, sneaking treats to the dog whose weight is normal may do the trick, although any way you look at it, the biggest challenge lies with the owner and his or her creativity.

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