Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naming a dog is as much trouble as keeping him or her as a pet

I think that naming a dog deserves careful consideration. To that end, giving a dog any old name is not an option and I'm referring to such so-called "common" names as Rover, Blackie, Spike, Spot and similar cliched names. I admit that it takes imagination and thought in naming a dog.

I've heard dog names such as "Alan" that are cute and unique. My aunt's dog's name was Skippy and that name seemed to fit him. Skippy was assigned his name by another relative and he responded to it, so it stuck. I would definitely get myself a book of baby names for suggestions and start making a list of names that appealed to me. In addition, I would factor in my dog's characteristics and suggestions for names from my family and friends.

Got to confess that I am not good at naming dogs or cats, for that matter. Even the names that I suggested to my sister for naming her dogs didn't quite meet the mark. My sister's dog's names are Chloe and Aries. Her deceased dogs' names were Paco, Roxie, and Cooper. I liked these names and thought that they "fit" each dog appropriately. My sister didn't name her dogs immediately, but took time to ask for suggestions before coming up with good names.

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